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Adolpho Wildt

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Adolpho Wildt

Adolpho Wildt (1868-1931) was an Italian sculptor and medallist associated with the Symbolism and Art Nouveau movements. Wildt first studied sculpture at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan and then transferred to the Accademia di Brera. There, he came under the influence of Luigi Rocchelli, who introduced him to Symbolism, and Giovanni Battista Caselli, who encouraged him to pursue medal engraving. Wildt's works often contain references to classical antiquity, and have been described as a synthesis of Symbolism and Art Nouveau. His famous works include the medallion of the “Sleeping Cupid” (1901), the “Fountain of the Initiates” (1903), and the “Flora, (1906-1908).

Adolpho Wildt, Italian Artist, Symbolism, Art Nouveau, Medallion, Sculpture.

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