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Alberto Salvati

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Alberto Salvati

Alberto Salvati was an Italian painter, sculptor and draughtsman who made a significant contribution to the Neoclassical movement of the 19th century. He was born in 1778 to a family of modest means, but despite his lack of wealth, Salvati managed to receive a formal education in the arts, studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. His most iconic works include a large fresco in the Church of San Gennaro in Naples and The Departure of the Argonauts in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. Salvati was a master of perspective and composition and his most highly regarded paintings are characterized by a succinct, sober and almost photographic vision. Throughout his career, Salvati was a highly respected figure in the Italian art world, winning numerous awards and commissions before his death in 1851.

Alberto Salvati, Italian artist, Neoclassical movement, fresco, San Gennaro, Argonauts, painting, sculpture, draughtsman, perspective, composition.

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