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Arthur Deshaies

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Arthur Deshaies

Arthur Deshaies is widely renowned as one of the most influential American artists of the 20th century. He was born in 1929 in Chicago and was an influential figure in the development of Modernism, Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art. He is best known for his thickly layered and brightly coloured abstracts, which are often associated with emotional states or the natural world. His works are often characterized by the use of bold and vibrant shapes, intense colour palettes, and gestural brushstrokes. Throughout his career, Deshaies has been recognized for his unique and groundbreaking approach to art-making. He has exhibited extensively in both Europe and the United States and his works can be found in numerous renowned galleries and museums. His most famous works include 'Linguistic Melody', 'From the Forest', 'Cosmic Consciousness' and 'The Garden of Delight'.

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