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Adriano Lagostina

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Adriano Lagostina

Adriano Lagostina is one of the leading figures in the Italian art scene. His works have been featured in countless exhibitions and his name is renowned throughout the country. He is best known for his vivid oil paintings that depict the atmosphere of the Mediterranean regions, showcasing a unique blend of realism and abstraction. His works often carry a strong spiritual and religious connotation, making them even more powerful and captivating. One of Lagostina's most important works is the San Giuseppe Moscati, which is a painting of the historic Italian doctor. Other meaningful works include The Street of St. Peter, Le Quattro Stagioni, and The Peace of Christ.

Adriano Lagostina, Italian artist, oil paintings, realism, abstraction, San Giuseppe Moscati, Street of St. Peter, Le Quattro Stagioni, Peace of Christ.

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