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Amanda Levete

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Amanda Levete

Amanda Levete is a celebrated British artist whose work in sculpture, installation and theatre design has been featured in multiple prestigious international exhibitions. Born in London in 1958, Levete studied 3D design at Manchester Polytechnic before completing a degree in Fine Art Sculpture at Goldsmiths College in 1982. Her early career as a sculptor was marked by works such as her first publicly commissioned piece, a bronze figure of novelist Thomas Hardy, which was installed in Dorchester in 1995. Levete's practice later expanded to encompass installation and theatre design, with her most notable projects being the renovation of the Victoria & Albert Museum in London (2017) and the Central Embassy Mall in Bangkok (2016). Levete's work explores the relationship between nature and architecture, among other themes, often using natural and organic materials. Her work has been featured in prominent exhibitions, including the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition (2011) and the Venice Architecture Biennale (2016).

Amanda Levete, British Artist, Sculpture, Installation, Theatre Design, Victoria & Albert Museum, Bangkok Central Embassy Mall, Royal Academy of Arts, Venice Architecture Biennale.

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