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Andrew Burroughs

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Andrew Burroughs

Andrew Burroughs is a British artist who has become well-known for his paintings focused on urban life in contemporary Britain. He has developed a signature style that combines bright flat colors with a highly graphic and abstracted view of his subject matter. In his most celebrated works, Burroughs explores the concept of the ‘big city’ and highlights the tension between the dynamism and energy of urban life, and the feelings of alienation and loneliness which it can bring. Examples of his work include ‘Urban Collage’ (1985) which combines elements of abstraction, representation and street art to form a powerful statement on the effects of city living, and ‘Blue City’ (1990) in which Burroughs describes the hustle and bustle of an urban landscape with vibrant blues and whites. Andrew Burroughs’s art has been widely praised for its innovative approach to the representation of the urban environment and its ability to provide an insight into contemporary life.

Andrew Burroughs, British Artist, Urban Collage, Blue City, Street Art.

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