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Angus Fairhurst

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Angus Fairhurst

Angus Fairhurst (1966-2008) was a British artist who is remembered for his innovative and distinctive work. His oeuvre encompasses a variety of media, including sculpture, sound, and installation. Fairhurst is best known for his large-scale sculptures and installations in which everyday objects were arranged in surprising and often humorous combinations. Examples of this include his installation Chain Reaction (1999), in which two walls of trellis were filled with objects such as plastic chairs, garden tools, and placemats; and his sculpture Bunny (2000), a giant inflatable rabbit suspended between two trees in a park. Fairhurst's work was often deeply personal, exploring his relationship to his family, his childhood memories, and his faith, as well as wider issues in politics and culture.

Angus Fairhurst, British artist, contemporary art, sculpture, installation, sound art

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