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Adoor Gopalakrishnan

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Adoor Gopalakrishnan

Adoor Gopalakrishnan is one of India’s most celebrated filmmakers, renowned for his contributions to the art of film making. His works are focused on bringing the culture, language and history of Kerala to the world. He has won many National and International awards, including the Padma Shri, four National Film Awards, ten international film festival awards and several other accolades. He has made numerous feature films, short films and documentaries, including Swayamvaram, Elippathayam, Mukhamukham and Mathilukal. He is also the founder and chairman of the Adoor Gopalakrishnan Foundation, which was established to promote film culture in India. Adoor Gopalakrishnan also serves as a mentor and advisor to many filmmakers, including the late Satyajit Ray.

Malayalam cinema, cinema of Kerala, Indian director, Padma Shri, Adoor Gopalakrishnan Foundation

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