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Acharya Vyakul

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Acharya Vyakul

Acharya Vyakul is considered one of the most important figures in modern Indian art. Born in Sikar in the Rajasthan province of India in 1906, he was a renowned painter, illustrator and sculptor, who never received formal training. His early works reflect the influence of the Rajasthan region's folk art, while his later works incorporated elements of cubism. His artistic style was primarily abstract, and he is best known for his large-scale installations, which he combined with mixed media to create a unique, hybrid aesthetic. Among his most important works are “The Beauty of Mamta”, “The Battle of Ambaji”, and “The Story of the Gomti”, which are all held in the permanent collections of various national galleries in India.

Indian art, Acharya Vyakul, modern art, Rajasthan, abstract.

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