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Arthur Goetz

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Arthur Goetz

Arthur Goetz (1887-1954) was a German visual artist whose works were heavily influenced by expressionism, a German art form which emphasized subjective emotion and the artist’s inner experience. Goetz’s works often featured large and energetic brushwork, vibrant color, and an interest in capturing the energy of nature. He is best known for his landscapes, many of which were painted in the village of Wertheim in Germany, and his drawings of animals. Other important works include Goetz’s pictures of workers and industrial scenes, which have been said to demonstrate the human relationship with technology. In addition to his prolific painting and drawing career, Goetz was also a noted art teacher and educator, often exhibiting in Europe and being heavily involved in the cultural life of his home country.

Arthur Goetz, German artist, expressionism, landscapes, drawings of animals, industrial scenes

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