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Ashley Havinden

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Ashley Havinden

Ashley Havinden was a renowned British artist, born in 1924 in a small village in Wales. He was known for creating a unique style of abstract art, including various forms of painting and installation work, which were highly sought after by many art collectors. One of his most significant works is the 'Focused Thought' mural, which is an abstract painting of cubes and squares that are meant to represent the artist's contemplation of existence and the relationship between people and their environment. Another important work is the 'Reflections of Nature' series, which is a collection of large-scale works that explore the idea of nature as an interconnected and ever-changing structure. He also produced many other paintings which feature a blend of different styles, from cubism to expressionism, as well as a mix of various colors.

Ashley Havinden, British artist, abstract art, installation work, Focused Thought, Reflections of Nature, painting, cubism, expressionism.

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