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Automatic Parking Disc Design

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Automatic Parking Disc Design

Automatic Parking Disc Design is an innovative design that allows for automated parking processes. The design includes physical components that are able to detect a car entering and exiting a parking space and relay the information to a control system. The control system processes the data to determine the amount of time spent in the parking spot and charges accordingly. This system is designed to minimize the time and effort required for manual monitoring and ticketing of parking spots. The design consists of components such as sensors, cameras, software, and hardware that are integrated for efficient functioning. The sensors detect cars entering and exiting the parking space, cameras record the license plate of the car, and the software and hardware provide the necessary infrastructure for processing and billing. The entire system can be configured according to the requirements of the parking lot, making it highly customizable and secure.

Parking Disc, Automated Parking, Design, Sensors, Cameras.

James Rothschild

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Automatic Parking Disc Design Definition
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