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Ash Tray Design

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Ash Tray Design

The concept of Ash Tray Design is an area of design focusing on the design of trays that are specifically made to contain ash from cigarettes and cigars. Ash trays have become a popular form of home décor to many, as well as a commonplace item in bars, restaurants and other establishments in which smoking is allowed. The design of ash trays is heavily dependent on the style and material of the tray and is a form of design where creativity and artistry can be seen in the crafting of the tray itself. Ash tray design must consider both aesthetic and functional elements to ensure the tray is able to effectively contain ash and other substances, as well as present an attractive and stylish appearance.

Ash Tray Design, Smoking Utensil, Smoking Accessories, Home Decor.

James Rothschild

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