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Asemic Calligraphy Design

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Asemic Calligraphy Design

Asemic Calligraphy Design is a type of non-verbal communication, which combines elements of writing and visual art. It is a form of expression that utilizes aesthetic elements such as lettering, spacing and line quality, but does not adhere to any grammar rules or form of language. It often takes the form of organic, abstract shapes which suggest writing, and can be used to express emotions or ideas. This type of design plays an important role in the field of art, by providing an alternative way of communication that relies on visual elements instead of words. It has a special place in modern art, as it allows for a unique form of expression that combines both writing and drawing.

Asemic Calligraphy, Visual Communication, Non-Verbal Communication.

James Rothschild

CITATION : "James Rothschild. 'Asemic Calligraphy Design.' Design+Encyclopedia. (Accessed on April 01, 2023)"

Asemic Calligraphy Design Definition
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