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Ascii Design

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Ascii Design

Ascii Design is a type of digital design that uses only characters from the Ascii character set. It is a form of graphic design that uses text characters to create images and designs, often with a minimalist aesthetic. Ascii Design is used for a variety of purposes, such as creating logos, banners, and even animations.

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Alexander Barclay

Ascii Design

ASCII design is the practice of creating digital designs and art using ASCII characters and symbols. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange and is a type of character encoding used to represent text in computers and other digital devices. ASCII art is a form of digital art that uses graphical symbols from the ASCII character set, often arranged in a way to create a recognizable pattern or shape. ASCII design uses the graphical symbols from the ASCII character set to create designs and patterns, rather than using pixel-based designs, as is common with other design styles. This style of design is often used for logos, textiles, web and user interface design, and other areas where a unique look is desired.

ASCII, Text art, Image art, Pixel art.

James Rothschild

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