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Artists Studio Residence Design

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Artists Studio Residence Design

Artists Studio Residence Design is a concept of creating an integrated habitat for an artist to live and be creative in. It is the merging of functional and creative elements of a home with the creative elements of a professional work space, such as a studio or a workshop. This type of design has been adapted and tailored to the needs of the artist, making the space both aesthetically pleasing and practical. The space is designed to create an atmosphere of serenity and inspirational creativity, with the right mix of light and shadows, colors and materials, that are both comfortable and stimulating. It also takes into account the needs of the artist to have access to enough workspace, storage, and the right tools for their creative process.

Innovative, Multifunctional, Inspirational, Practical.

James Rothschild

CITATION : "James Rothschild. 'Artists Studio Residence Design.' Design+Encyclopedia. (Accessed on March 25, 2023)"

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