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Architectural Wallwasher Design

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Architectural Wallwasher Design

Architectural wallwasher design is a type of lighting that is used to evenly illuminate walls or other vertical surfaces. It is typically mounted on the ceiling, and consists of a single light source that is directed onto the wall, providing a uniform light distribution. Architectural wallwashers are designed to be unobtrusive, providing an even wash of light that can be used to create a specific atmosphere or to highlight a particular feature.

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Alexander Barclay

Architectural Wallwasher Design

Architectural wallwasher design is a form of lighting design that involves the placement of light fixtures in such a way as to create an even distribution of illumination across a given area. Typically, this form of design is used to provide ambient lighting for large, open spaces where the even distribution of light is essential to providing the desired aesthetic. The most common use for architectural wallwasher design is in public spaces such as lobbies, galleries, and theatres, however, it can also be used in corporate and private spaces. The most common type of wallwasher design uses linear fixtures placed in rows, however, more advanced designs can utilize different shapes, sizes, and angles in order to create more dynamic lighting effects.

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James Rothschild

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Architectural Wallwasher Design Definition
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