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Airport Seating Design

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Airport Seating Design

Airport seating design refers to the design of seating in airports for passengers, staff, and other personnel. It encompasses a wide range of elements, from the arrangement and size of individual seating units to the use of colour, materials and fabrics. In order for airports to meet their customer service needs, the design of seating should take into account the user’s comfort and mobility. Good airport seating should also be designed with ergonomics in mind, providing adequate support for passengers and accommodating individual physical needs. In addition, airport seating should be easy to maintain and clean, as well as aesthetically pleasing. Airport seating design, therefore, requires consideration of several design elements and should be tailored to suit the needs of the particular airport.

Air Travel, Airport Seating, Ergonomics, Comfort, Maintenance.

James Rothschild

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Airport Seating Design Definition
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