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Air Conditioning Cassette Design

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Air Conditioning Cassette Design

Air Conditioning Cassette Design is a type of air conditioning system that is designed to provide individual air conditioning units to multiple rooms. It is composed of a main unit, which is placed in a central location, and four or more secondary units, which are mounted to the ceiling in various rooms. The main unit contains all the hardware and software that are needed to run the system and the secondary units are connected to the main unit to provide a cooling or heating effect in each room. The system requires a professional installation, as each unit must be correctly mounted and wired in order to ensure the proper functioning of the system. In addition, the system requires regular maintenance and service to ensure that the air conditioning units are functioning properly.

HVAC, Home Comfort, Climate Control, Air Conditioning Units, Air Flow.

James Rothschild

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Air Conditioning Cassette Design Definition
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