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Adaptable Clothing Design

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Adaptable Clothing Design

Adaptable clothing design is the practice of designing garments to be easily adjusted to fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes. The design of these garments often utilizes adjustable straps, zippers, and other fastenings to enable the wearer to customize the fit of the garment. The goal of adaptable clothing design is to provide a comfortable fit for a wide range of body types and sizes.

Adaptive clothing, adjustable garments, size-inclusive fashion, plus-size fashion, body-positive fashion.

Alexander Barclay

Adaptable Clothing Design

Adaptable Clothing Design is an approach to designing garments that caters to a person's individual needs, preferences and body shape. It allows for the garment to be tailored to fit its user precisely and comfortably. The design of the garments is based on a modular system where the components of the garment can be adjusted for a specific fit. This modular system allows the user to mix and match various parts of the garment in order to create a custom look and feel for the finished product. Adaptable Clothing Design also incorporates sustainability into its design process, as the user can replace individual pieces of the garment if they become worn or outdated. This allows the garment to be updated and remain fashionable while also reducing waste and consumption.

Adaptability, Customization, Sustainability.

James Rothschild

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Adaptable Clothing Design Definition
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