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Active Loudspeaker Design

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Active Loudspeaker Design

Active Loudspeaker Design is a type of speaker system that contains an amplifying device. This device is typically a small power amplifier, or in some cases an audio amplifier capable of driving a loudspeaker directly. It is typically used in home theater systems and commercial sound systems, as well as in professional sound reinforcement systems. The design of these active loudspeakers is optimized for accuracy and efficiency, enabling them to deliver optimal sound quality with minimal distortion. The power amplifiers in these designs are tuned to the loudspeaker’s specific characteristics, resulting in an optimized audio signal. Active loudspeaker design includes several components, including an audio preamplifier for signal conditioning, a power amplifier to drive the loudspeaker, and a crossover network to split the audio signal into high and low frequencies.

Active loudspeaker design, speaker system, power amplifier, audio preamplifier, crossover network.

James Rothschild

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Active Loudspeaker Design Definition
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