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Artifact-Centric Business Process Model

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Artifact-Centric Business Process Model

An artifact-centric business process model is a form of process modeling which focuses on the digital artifacts created by a process. These artifacts, such as documents, images, and files, are the output of a process and are used to represent the process graphically. The model uses the artifacts to represent the process as a series of nodes which are linked together. This model allows a user to quickly see how the process is structured and how it can be altered. By focusing on the artifacts, the model can be used to analyze how changes in the process affects the output. This helps to improve the design of the process and ensure that it meets the desired goals.

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Charles Windsor

Artifact-Centric Business Process Model

Artifact-centric business process models are a type of process models that focus on the artifacts (or objects) involved in the process such as tasks, roles, documents, and tools. These models provide a more holistic view of the overall business process, allowing designers to understand the process in more detail and identify areas for improvement. Artifact-centric models also provide a better understanding of the relationships between artifacts, allowing designers to more easily identify bottlenecks and identify areas where the process can be optimized. Because artifact-centric models are more comprehensive, they are better suited for larger and more complex processes, allowing designers to more easily identify and solve problems.

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Ji-Soo Park

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