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Automotive City

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Automotive City

Automotive City is an urban environment which is specifically designed to facilitate the development, production and testing of vehicles, automotive parts, and other related technologies. It is a city designed to provide a complete ecosystem that supports the automotive industry, including production, research and development, innovation, training, and testing. Automotive City is intended to become a hub for the automotive industry, enabling companies and individuals to collaborate with one another and further their technological advancements. Automotive City is a dedicated city which is designed to meet the needs of the automotive industry and its related technologies, providing an ideal environment for the development, testing and application of new automotive technology and products.

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Ji-Soo Park

Automotive City

Automotive City is an area dedicated to the production and distribution of automobiles, serving as a hub for the automotive industry. It includes infrastructure such as factories, warehouses, and parts distribution centers as well as engineering and research centers. This urban or suburban industrial cluster allows for the efficient production of cars and components as well as the storage and shipment of large amounts of parts. Automotive Cities are often populated with small and large businesses associated with the automotive industry and can range from a few buildings to whole cities dedicated to the production and distribution of automobile parts.

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