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Architecture In Lithuania

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Architecture In Lithuania

The architecture of Lithuania is renowned for its unique stylistic approach, blending traditional elements with contemporary design theory. Different schools of Lithuanian architecture have incorporated elements of Classicism, Expressionism, Modernism, and Constructivism into the traditional forms of Lithuanian architecture. Examples of this style of architecture can be seen in the numerous churches and castles that dot the Lithuanian landscape. An important aspect of architecture in Lithuania is the use of natural materials such as wood and stone, which are often combined with modern materials such as steel and concrete. In this way, traditional and contemporary elements can be seen side by side, creating a unique architectural experience.

Lithuanian Architecture, Traditional Architecture, Contemporary Architecture, Natural Materials, Modern Materials.

Ji-Soo Park

CITATION : "Ji-Soo Park. 'Architecture In Lithuania.' Design+Encyclopedia. (Accessed on April 01, 2023)"

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