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Asphalt Concrete

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Asphalt Concrete

Asphalt concrete (AC) is a composite material used in the construction of roads and other paved surfaces. It consists of asphalt binder, which is a mixture of asphalt cement and petroleum-based liquids, and aggregate, which is a combination of gravel, sand, and stone. Asphalt concrete is easy to install and maintains its shape and strength over time. It is also highly resistant to cracking and potholes, and is relatively low-cost compared to other pavement materials. When it comes to designing pavements, AC offers designers and planners a lot of flexibility in terms of materials, design, and construction techniques. For instance, when used in combination with other materials, AC can be used to create unique textures and patterns, as well as to design pavements that can accommodate a wide range of loads. Furthermore, it is highly durable, meaning that it will last for many years without needing to be replaced.

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Asphalt Concrete

Asphalt concrete is a composite material composed of asphalt cement and aggregates such as sand and gravel, which are then combined and heated, then compacted and placed in layers to form a pavement or road. It is an engineering material that is used in the construction of roads, paths, driveways and car parks. Asphalt concrete has a wide range of properties that make it a well-suited material for construction and surfacing. It has a high resistance to water and deformation, as well as higher durability to heavy loads, good fatigue resistance, low cost, easy installation and maintenance, excellent skid and wear resistance, and is noise reducing.

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