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Architecture In The Philippines

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Architecture In The Philippines

The Philippines is home to a variety of architectural styles from its many different ethnic groups and cultures. This has provided the country with a unique and distinctive range of architectural designs and building styles. The most prominent features of the Philippine architecture are its use of the locally available building materials, traditional construction techniques, and the integration of local cultural elements into the design. Examples of this can be seen in the traditional Bahay-na-Bato, the Spanish-influenced Baroque churches and the modern high-rise buildings.

Philippine architecture, indigenous design, Bahay-na-Bato, Baroque churches, modern high-rise buildings, traditional construction techniques.

Ji-Soo Park

Architecture In The Philippines

Architecture in the Philippines has been heavily influenced by Spanish culture and tradition since the 16th century. Filipino architecture is characterized by its Baroque style and ornate designs, with a strong focus on the use of wood and metal. Traditional Filipino architecture is divided into two main categories: the Bahay Kubo and the Bahay na Bato. Bahay Kubo is a type of house made of light materials such as bamboo and nipa palm, while Bahay na Bato is a type of house made out of brick and stone. Both structures share common features such as high ceilings, large overhanging roofs, and multiple levels. The use of bold colours and intricate carvings can also be seen throughout traditional Filipino architecture.

Philippines architecture, Filipino architecture, Bahay Kubo, Bahay na Bato, Pre-colonial architecture.

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