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Architecture In Mauritius

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Architecture In Mauritius

Mauritius is a relatively small island located in the Indian Ocean some 800 kilometres east of Madagascar. As such, the architecture of the country reflects its unique geographic location and the people and cultures that inhabit it. The architecture of Mauritius blends colonial, French, African, and Indian influences, the result of which is a melting pot of styles. Buildings on the island range from French colonial houses, which have been built in the mid-19th century, to modern neoclassical structures, which are characterised by their plain facades, symmetrical designs, and minimal ornamentation. Additionally, modern architects have embraced sustainability and green living, as seen in eco-friendly projects such as electric car charging stations and solar-powered homes.

Mauritius architecture, colonial, French, African, Indian, neoclassical, sustainability, green, eco-friendly, electric car charging, solar-powered.

Lauren Moore

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