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Architecture In Kenya

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Architecture In Kenya

Architecture in Kenya is characterized by an array of modern, historic, and traditional structures. Typically, these structures are designed to be eco-friendly and energy efficient, which is something that designers should take into consideration when creating designs for the area. Modern structures tend to include the use of materials such as exposed concrete, glass, and steel in order to create aesthetically pleasing buildings. Historic structures usually incorporate traditional elements, such as decorative motifs, that reflect the culture of Kenya. Traditional structures, on the other hand, tend to be more rustic and incorporate methods of construction that are unique to the area. In addition, designers should also take into consideration the vernacular architecture of the area when creating designs. Vernacular architecture is the local form of building that is adapted to the local environment. This includes techniques such as using clay, stone, and timber to construct structures.

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Architecture In Kenya

Architecture in Kenya is a unique blend of european, african and other influences. While the style of architecture is predominantly european, the construction methods and materials used draw heavily from the traditional Kenyan knowledge base. Buildings often have a combination of traditional and contemporary elements, which makes the architecture of the country distinct from many other places in the world. Local materials, including timber and stone, are often used in buildings, as these materials are more readily available. Additionally, architectural styles vary between the different regions of the country, creating a diversity of designs.

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