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Architecture In Jordan

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Architecture In Jordan

Jordan is a country in the Middle East that is known for its incredible architecture and design. The traditional architecture of Jordan is based on the Levantine style, with Islamic influences. Jordan's architecture has evolved over the centuries to include a variety of styles, such as Byzantine, modern and international. Jordanian architects combine traditional and modern materials and techniques to create unique, beautiful designs. Jordanian architecture has also been influenced by regional and international trends, particularly in the areas of sustainability and green building design. Jordanian architects are known for their creative and innovative designs, as well as for their commitment to building structures that blend into the local landscape.

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Ji-Soo Park

Architecture In Jordan

Jordan is a small country situated in the Middle East, and its architecture is highly influenced by cultural, historical and climatic factors. Its traditional architecture is often characterized by the use of locally available materials, such as stone and mud, which serve to provide robustness and insulation against the extreme temperatures in the area. Moreover, many of its cities are also home to a diverse range of religious architectures, including Islamic mosques, Coptic churches, and even Crusader-era fortresses. Meanwhile, the country’s modern architecture is often marked by the incorporation of traditional elements into modern designs, resulting in the emergence of a distinct identity. In recent years, sustainable building practices and green technologies have also been adopted in many of its projects, as part of a shift towards a more ecologically-friendly architecture.

Jordan, architecture, design, Middle East, sustainability.

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