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Architecture In Fiji

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Architecture In Fiji

Architecture in Fiji is a unique blend of traditional Fijian styles, Polynesian influences, and contemporary design. This combination of styles has created a distinct architectural style which is seen throughout the country. Fijian architecture is characterized by its use of natural materials such as wood, bamboo, and thatch, which are combined with modern materials such as concrete and steel. Traditional buildings often feature large open-air verandas, large pillars, and elaborate carvings, while modern buildings feature open floor plans, modern materials, and minimalistic designs. The architecture of Fiji is a reflection of its culture, which is a mix of traditional and modern influences.

Fijian architecture, Polynesian influence, contemporary design.

Charles Windsor

Architecture In Fiji

Architecture in Fiji is known for its unique blend of traditional Fijian styles and modern architecture. The traditional Fijian style is characterized by its reliance on natural materials such as timber and bamboo, as well as its integration of lush tropical foliage and decorative motifs. In modern architecture, influences from the international style are evident, with the use of more rigid forms and materials such as concrete and steel. The combination of these styles creates a harmonious and vibrant aesthetic that is truly unique to Fiji.

Fijian Architecture, Tropical Design, Timber Construction, Bamboo Structures.

Lauren Moore

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