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Architecture In Cyprus

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Architecture In Cyprus

Architecture in Cyprus is a unique blend of different cultural influences, mostly of European and Middle Eastern origins. It is characterized by two distinct forms of design: traditional, rural local architecture and modern, contemporary urban design. Traditional architecture often features thick walls, flat roofs, and small windows and doors, while modern designs are more open, featuring large glass panels and modern materials. Additionally, traditional architecture often incorporates local materials and motifs, while modern designs blend materials, styles, and colors from different cultures.

Cyprus architecture, Mediterranean, Mediterranean-style, vernacular, traditional, contemporary, modern.

Ji-Soo Park

Architecture In Cyprus

Architecture in Cyprus is a unique blend of the two civilizations that most profoundly impacted the island over the centuries: the ancient Greeks and the Ottoman Turks. The latter left a lasting imprint on the island's architecture, particularly in its traditional urban planning, which is dominated by narrow winding streets, lined with white-washed houses and capped with red-tiled roofs. Byzantine churches, Venetian-style coastal fortifications and Ottoman-era mosques also dot the landscape.

Cyprus architecture, Hellenic antiquity, Ottoman heritage, Mediterranean design.

Lauren Moore

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