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Architecture In Bangladesh

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Architecture In Bangladesh

Architecture in Bangladesh is a unique blend of traditional Bangladeshi design and modern influences. There is a strong emphasis on the use of natural materials, both in construction and decoration, and an appreciation for traditional techniques and local crafts. Buildings often feature Bengal terracotta and brick, as well as stone and wood. There is also an influence of Mughal and British architecture, which is seen in the use of domes, archways and columns. Different regions of the country also have their own distinct styles of architecture, including the distinct styles of Bengal, Assam and Chittagong. Bangladeshi architecture is noted for its focus on sustainability, as well as its use of air and light to create comfortable and inviting spaces.

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Architecture In Bangladesh

Architecture in Bangladesh is an amalgamation of various influences from many different countries, cultures and time periods. It is a reflection of the country’s religious, cultural and economic history. In Dhaka, the capital city, the architecture is mostly a blend of Mughal, British, and modern styles. The traditional Bengal architecture is also visible in many places across the country. The use of terracotta, locally known as ‘dhokra’, is a common theme in many of the buildings. Other traditional building materials such as brick, stone, and wood are abundant and often used to create unique designs.

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