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Atilim University

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Atilim University

Atilim University, known in its native language as Atilim Üniversitesi, is a distinguished institution of higher education located in Ankara, Türkiye. Founded in 1997, the university has rapidly developed into a comprehensive educational institution, offering a wide array of undergraduate, graduate, and vocational programs across various fields of study. The university is structured into several faculties, graduate schools, and vocational schools, each dedicated to providing specialized education and research opportunities in their respective areas. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at Atilim University offers programs in English, Mathematics, Psychology, and Translation and Interpretation, catering to students with interests in both the humanities and the sciences. This faculty is committed to fostering a multidisciplinary approach to education, encouraging students to explore the intersections between different fields of study. Engineering is a cornerstone of Atilim University's academic offerings, with the Faculty of Engineering providing a broad spectrum of engineering programs. These include Applied Chemistry, Automotive Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Energy Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical Engineering, Production Engineering, and Software Engineering. The faculty is renowned for its state-of-the-art laboratories, research facilities, and a strong emphasis on innovation and practical skills, preparing students for successful careers in the engineering sector. The Faculty of Fine Arts, Design, and Architecture is another key component of Atilim University, offering creative programs in Architecture, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Interior Design, and Textile Design. This faculty is dedicated to nurturing the creative talents of its students, providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary to excel in the competitive fields of art, design, and architecture. For students interested in legal studies, the Faculty of Law offers a comprehensive Law program, focusing on both the theoretical and practical aspects of the legal profession. The curriculum is designed to equip students with a deep understanding of legal principles, ethics, and the skills required for advocacy and legal research. The Faculty of Management at Atilim University addresses the needs of students aspiring to careers in business and public administration. It offers programs in Advertising and Publicity, Economics, Hotel Management, International Business, International Relations and Diplomacy, Management, Political Sciences, Public Administration, Public Relations, Tourism, and Transport Management. The faculty emphasizes a global perspective, critical thinking, and leadership skills, preparing students for management roles in various sectors. Atilim University also boasts Graduate Schools of Natural and Applied Sciences and Social Sciences, offering advanced degrees in fields such as Applied Chemistry, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Computer Engineering, and many more. These graduate programs are designed for students seeking to deepen their expertise and engage in research. The School of Civil Aviation and the Vocational Higher School further expand Atilim University's educational offerings, with programs in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Air Transport, Computer Science, Hotel Management, and Tourism. These schools focus on vocational and technical education, providing students with practical skills and knowledge tailored to the demands of the job market. Since its establishment, Atilim University has been committed to excellence in education, research, and community service. With a diverse range of programs, state-of-the-art facilities, and a vibrant campus life, the university continues to attract students from across Türkiye and around the world, contributing to the development of well-rounded, globally competent graduates.

Atilim Üniversitesi

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